Tuesday, April 1, 2008

week 3

I just spent 45 minutes reading about wikis. As I do not consider myself a computer whiz so this analysis will be from the pespective of a (what is the opposite of a computer geek?) computer novice. I can see where wikis can be helpful in some ways. The fact that you can edit the content would be helpful in making sure that the information posted was correct. For instance, if you were recording notes from a meeting, you could have input from all who attended that meeting. I have questions about how much time it takes to locate the wiki, read the wiki, edit the wiki, and filter out all the information that does not relate to you in any way. (I realize that this viewpoint will not be very popular with computer people) I did enjoy branching out a little bit and learning about wikis but I do not see myself ever using them.
Today I set up my first blog. This is a huge step for me. I had previously tried several time and was never able to complete the process. So now it is done - Yea!